Your Face can be Used as a Passport to Enter Singapore Soon.

Your Face can be Used as a Passport to Enter Singapore Soon.
Apr 18, 2019
2:33 am

by Mitchell W.

For the most parts, getting through immigration at Singapore becomes quite the hassle -- especially those of us who drives or takes the bus in.

Long queues = Unhappy Travellers.

Therefore we're grateful to the brilliant minds of tech engineers and advanced technologies which purpose is to make our lives a heck lot easier.

Singapore is currently conducting a 6-months trial of a new contactless immigration clearance system at the checkpoint's bus hall's automated arrival lanes, via the Tuas Checkpoint.

The vision is to provide travellers with an efficient and hassle-free immigration clearance experience, according to Singapore's Immigration And Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Instead of entering the country with your passport, this new system operates by using a dual facial and thumbprint recognition system that will identify you via iris and facial images.

The new system will capture the facial and iris images of travellers in the automated lane, verify their identity, and confirm that they have a valid passport.

Here's how it works:

The process takes no longer than 60 seconds -- considering that there are no glitches la...

TAKE NOTE: The trial is eligible to citizens above the age of six who hold passports which were issued after 1 January 2018 and begin with the letter K.

"Singaporeans who wish to participate in this trial should not wear any coloured, patterned contact lenses or have any wearables that will block their facial and iris images, as these will affect the trial results," says ICA's Superintendent Derrick Soong.

So...normal la... do not wear sunglasses, caps, or other headgear that will obstruct their full facial image when using the contactless immigration clearance lane.

SO what do you think?


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