The Most Triggering Racist Remark from Ignorant IMU Student. DAFUQ DID HE SAY?!

The Most Triggering Racist Remark from Ignorant IMU Student. DAFUQ DID HE SAY?!
Mar 13, 2019
5:27 pm

by Mitchell W.

I'm not one to get triggered by the stupidy of young millennials these days, but when someone who have displayed insensitivity and continued to proceed with questionable actions WITHOUT REMORSE, I'm questioning the state of mind of this individual, and of course I mean IMU's Negatively-Rising-D*ckhead, Kiren Raj.

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I was scrolling through Instagram the other night and I spotted this comment from Kiren, which raised several red flags -- and I'm wondering if the proper authorities are aware of this.

Read this, and try not to bang the table or punch something that'll injure your hand...

Here are my thoughts from just reading his ignorant comment:

  1. Bro, you're studying to be a doctor -- LEARN HOW TO SPELL PLEASE! How would you write a proper medical report and pills perscription otherwise???
  2. He NEVER kena "diu" from Chinese people all this life, then why are you being a Racist scumbag towards people who have done no wrong to you??
  3. How would you know Chinese men's p*nis is small?? You got see & measure is it?? WHERE HAVE YOUR EYES AND HANDS BEEN BRO??
  4. You say you got Chinese girls to give you a "Bl*wJob" in both the car and cinema, but that would make this public indecency right...which is punishable by law? So do the police know about this, since he PUBLICLY admitted to this??
  5. What's your "Mastermind" plan to send all the Chinese people out of the country? You do know that Chansellor of IMU is Chinese right? YBhg Dato’ Dr Gan Ee Kiang...
  6. Based on the sequence of your comment, you want only prostitutes to are you calling all Chinese girls/women prostitutes? I believe there are Chinese female lecturers in IMU and you claim to have had s*x with Chinese girls, so are you engaging in the prostitution business -- cause that is another offence punishable by law boiii...
  7. You say Chinese men no stamina, so please explain Datuk Lee Chong Wei being a x3 Silver Medal Olympian?

What's really sad about this case is that he is actually a smart student...but his inability to be a responsible keyboard warrior may have just ruined his career and his family's name.

Well, the update of what most of you would've probably already heard of is that Kiren is now on "Home Leave" and isn't able to return to IMU until further notice. 

Yay for IMU students and Good Safety Precaution for him cause there are MANY who are waiting to whack him up...

He apparently is also a poster boy as well... so I'm wondering why would he wanna spread so much hate despite his power of influence...

Ok, I found these on a Chinese portal and had to get my friend to translate what the news was about but apparently this wasn't his first time "whacking" females and the Chinese people...

I honestly feel so sad for his parents and immediate family who would have to suffer the repercussions of Kiren's stupidity, but what's done is done.

I strongly urge ALL KEYBOARD WARRIORS out there to PLEASE THINK & CONTEMPLATE BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET -- your future is at stake and your family shouldn't have to suffer for your stupidity.

We conducted an interview with some students to find out what they thought on the matter of Kiren Raj and his actions, so stay tuned for the video that we'll be releasing soon!

Vanei Koh stupid guy!

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