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Youth Creative Space

Youth Creative Space
Apr 11, 2016
6:28 pm

Lifestyle & Literature (L45)


It might look like a birds-nest straight out of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world – but yeah, actually it does look like it – however, it’s also every bit magical.

Located in Bangsar, the corner house at Lorong Kurau is not a private residence (nor is it even a house really).Strangely named ‘L45’, what this place is, is actually a community library which doubles back as a student dorm for rent too! The letter L can wittily stand for several things, ‘library’, ‘lot’ or ‘lorong’ while 45 is the address number. On the inside, L45 is an extremely clean and minimalistic designed interior, and it is mostly lit with natural lighting.

With its collection of 35,000 books, the places matches almost any public library you can find – and ranges from fiction, novels, textbooks and even academic materials. The owners of L45 had raised the place in the hopes of encouraging the youths of Malaysia to enjoy and love reading. The atmosphere that is set up is both conducive and absolutely charming for children and students to hang out, browse through the shelves, or to just sit down and study in peace.

What about that part of it being a student dorm? Well, yeah – there are 8 rooms in total for rent in L45, each room has a different interior design. But all units share the same furnishings that include a queen-sized bed, a work space and even en suite bathrooms. You’d wish your room back home was as quint and cozy as these are.

Check it out for yourself and drop by the L45.
The library is open to the public from 3pm to 7pm every day except on Mondays.


Once Trash, Into Treasure (Laman Seni 2 & 7)


Basically, when one thinks of a back alley, what comes to mind first? The filthy drains, the ‘friendly’ critters, the ‘tantalizing’ aroma, and all things not of human nature are perhaps your first impression of a back alley. And that was the start of the Laman Seni 2 & 7 Project created by the Shah Alam City Council in collaboration with Bank Mualamat as well as students from University Teknology Mara and University Selangor. Their goal, to change the impressions of the public to the dirty back alleys of Shah Alam and as a place for university students to create beautiful art and to draw inspiration from. Now, I’ve mentioned previously regarding the ‘2’ and the ‘7’, this is because there are two sections in which each are located in, namely, Section 2 for Laman Seni 2, and Section 7 for Laman Seni 7 (duhhh??). The major difference between these 2 places is that the art in Laman Seni 2 are more 2D oriented, it being one dimensional. On the other hand, Laman Seni 7, focuses more on interactive arts like 3D illusions, incorporation of physical objects into the ‘canvas’ (in this case, would be the back alley), but let us not forget they also have 2D oriented arts as well. The inspiration of the arts for Laman Seni are mostly derived from the memories of school during childhood from the 1990’s.

  • Design which uses the usual old school bus from our childhood day in Laman Seni 2
  • Remember the days when Mario was such a hit when we were young? (Laman Seni 7)

If you’re looking for a good time and perhaps a place to bring your partner with you on an outing, say no more, Laman Seni 2 & 7 are the spots for you! A great place for pictures, inspirations, and yes, selfies (you know you want it). For those that are interested in going but worried about the entrance fees, do not worry, as it is totally free-of-charge. So what are you waiting for now? Get yourself there and if you’ve got a friend to bring along, get him/her there too!


Mind-Sorcery! – 3D Trick Art Museum


If trickery is your game, then a visit to Penang would not put you to shame!

Located in the historic Behn Meyer building in Weld Quay, Georgetown, there is a museum which houses 3D paintings, props, art and all sorts of intuitive setups – all in the efforts of boggling your minds – or, those who view the tons of pictures you will inevitably take. Launched back in the late of 2013, it is a quint visit for both locals and tourists alike.

The museum currently houses various wall paintings depicting the early 19th century of Penang. There is even a handmade jetty waterfront miniature inspired by Mr. Khoo Chooi Hooi, Penang’s very own born and bred artist. You can also interact with pretty much every single trick art and kiosk provided there, all in the effort of allowing  you to explore Penang from a different perspective. Of course, also not forgetting, being able to have a cup of coffee with Penang’s Chief Minister, Mr. Lim Guan Eng without even making an appointment (His 3D doppelganger, that is).

If anything else, the Trick Art Museum is an attest to the many talented and creative artworks devised by our own local Malaysian artists, engaging people and telling a story on the side. It’s not just history, it’s not just art, it’s also fun – with family and friends. All round, for just RM15 for adults (or RM10 for children) with a MyKad, it’s a good time spent.


Good Sportin’ Fun - Mindsport


Recreational activity centers have seen its fair rise here in Malaysia. The steady demands of youths today are more interested in board games and frivolous activities in relative comfortable atmospheres – as opposed to our older counterparts in the 80s and 90s where arcade centers were all the rage.

Mindsport is one such place, defining themselves as a “Fun & Healthy Activity Center” of both indoor and outdoor games. The atmosphere itself is cheerful to say the least, creative and colourful – suitable for those who just wanna ‘lepak’ with their friends, families looking for a nice Sunday afternoon together, or even team building activities for groups.

As mentioned, the place is segmented into two main areas – indoors and outdoors – which corresponds to what type of games you’d like to play. To those preferring having a nice roof over your heads, the indoor games most favourited by its visitors are the Giant Jenga blocks, Dart-range, Table Soccer, the Card games and not forgetting the ever lovable Playstation 4 (Can’t go wrong with video games).

If the outdoors are more your thing and you’re the type who likes expending energy, then lose yourself with some Archer, Rock Climbing, a giant Snakes & Ladders board, Footpool (yeap) and even the long forgotten Hopscotch.

Now, take all these fun games and activities, throw in the elements of a café with treats and desserts – and you’ve got yourself a really successful chill-out place for people of all ages. So after a long and tiring session of rock-climbing, or simply needing a few snacks on the side after a battle of Monopoly, Mindsport offers a selectable and affordable range of food and drinks.

All-in-all, a truly fun place to visit and spend a couple of hours.


Art With A Passion (Merdekarya)


Merdekarya, pronounced as ‘Mer-day-kar-ya’ is one of Klang Valley’s most distinctive space for its grungy industrial DIY setting. It serves as an overnight place for bedroom singers to belt a song about trees or dedicate poems to an ex while casting talent and skill requirements aside. Merdekarya is a venue for local art showcases be it music, sketches or talks. The concept of this place is to keep art affordable, welcoming young talents into the community. This idea of the founder, Brian Gomez has made it possible to stumble upon good music bands with varying genres while staying inexpensive.

Apart of the lo-fi music acoustics, Merdekarya is presented with collection of books and DVDs offering variety and alternative to its customers. As books are written arts, Merdekarya shows its support by becoming a physical selling platform and gallery to these independent masterpieces. These combined ideas between performing arts and readings are accompanied with a mini bar counter serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks substituting a social atmosphere into the space.

Merdekarya has become our pick of Youth Creative Space due to its integration of different elements. The reason being is because the idea consists of versatility and dissimilar combination contributing in a formation of an alternative atmosphere. Besides being relevant to the current youth’s interests, Merdekarya is built with a favorable intent. Wanting to divert the idea of art’s deliverance, it succeeded in presenting arts in a non-extravagant environment.


Artsy Social Scene ( Minut Init )


In the happening (and constantly packed, much to our chagrin) streets of Bandar Utama, lies a place, one of its kind, known as Minut Init. Among one of the hidden gems of Bandar Utama, Minut Init is the new “it” place for all the cool cats who are into the alternative art scene.

If finding a parking spot in Bandar Utama isn’t enough of an achievement for you, being able to locate Minut Init will. There isn’t an obnoxiously massive signboard outside the gallery, just a hand painted logo on the fuchsia walls leading to the stairway. The dim stairway to the art gallery is completely covered with gritty and haphazard graffiti art, giving visitors a hint of what to expect inside. Contrary to other well established art galleries in Kuala Lumpur, Minut Init is an unorthodox art social scene that welcomes all patrons from all walks of life, free from any form of censorships or discrimination. They showcase exhibitions from local contemporary artists, regardless of the artistic discipline practised.

Stepping into the space will send patrons into a dreamlike induced experience. The dimly lit space is illuminated with colourful neon lights, and the space is plastered with art for patrons to ponder upon and enjoy. Besides art, Minut Init also hosts various events regularly, such as live bands and DJ gigs, film screenings and themed parties. Patrons are encouraged to grab a drink or a light snack from the bar and mingle with other art enthusiasts.

In short, Minut Init is an underground art social scene that has alot to offer. If you are looking to add some raw artistic elements into your nightlife scene, look no further. Pay Minut Init a short visit, be it for some drinks and snacks while unwinding, or even for the art exhibition.


Don’t Burst Your Bubbles! (Bubble Sports MY)


If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like being in a giant bubble after watching the cult classic movie, Bubble Boy, now is your chance! Bubble Sports has been the latest craze, sweeping over Malaysia during events and parties. Just like trampoline parks, Bubble Sports is a totally fun and somewhat new sport, because exercising does not always have to be a routine chore, making going to the gym seem like an impending doom.

If getting a bruise or scratch here and there has always hindered you from participating in anything sports related, Bubble Sports is a fool proof alternative. Now when you fall, you can easily pick yourself up, brush it off (a laugh or two helps with the embarrassment, we hope!) and proceed with the match! No worries about getting a plaster for your wound or scratch! Bubble Sports is also great for team building activities, because nothing cements a bond more than ramming against each other in a bubble! By being in a bubble, it forces participants to really utilize their legs and training their stability. Just because you’re not heading to the gym doesn’t mean you get to skip leg day!

There are 3 types of games available, Bubble Soccer (which is pretty self-explanatory), King of the Ring and Tower Defense. King of the Ring is similar to a sumo wrestling match where participants try to knock their opponents out of the ring. Tower Defense includes players trying to knock down the opponent’s “king”.

The prices for each session varies, from RM570 for 1 hour (good for 10 to 25 pax) to RM1050 for 2 hours (maximum of 40 pax). The more the merrier! (the smaller the damage done to wallet too). So if you’re ever in the mood to dress up as a bubble and ram into people, do head on over to one of the two Bubble Sports indoor courts at Extrema Park Bandar Sunway and also PJ Palms Sports Center.


Dreams of Flying High (Sky Simulator)


Sky Simulator is exactly as it sounds – a simulator, in the sky – meaning flying.

Nestled in the heart of Damansara (eCurve to be exact) this state-of-the-art establishment has seen the spotlight on several occasions; with mentions by Astro, BFM, The Star and a few others. Founded in May 2013 by an entrepreneur and his friend who both have a passion for flying – together the duo wanted to share the experience of manning a commercial aircraft with the general public. The result? One of the most realistic flight simulator experiences one can have without a pilot’s license.

There is no age limit (as long as you can reach the wheel) and “Pilots” will be accompanied by a certified instructor, a Co-Pilot at all times. Once you step in, the full atmosphere of an authentic 737NG cockpit hits you immediately and you stare at an array of knobs, buttons, levers, screens and things that on a normal day would scream “DO NOT TOUCH”.

But of course, you ARE the pilot and can do as you please – include flying around Kuala Lumpur or landing in any of the 24,000 airports available. Simple packages can range from the smallest ‘Go-Flyer’ which is a 15-minute flight from Subang Airport to KLIA, to the 90-minute KL city tour. Aside those, if you’re keen, you can work something out with their people to arrange and book longer or more detailed ‘flights’.

All-in-all, Sky Simulator it is definitely a worthwhile experience at least once in your lifetime – especially to those who had dreams of being a pilot growing up.