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It's A Man's World

It's A Man's World
Apr 4, 2016
4:21 pm



What's a man-cave? Well in layspeak, a man's toyroom. 3+1 Important Steps to building your own man-cave.

Malaysian houses don’t come with cellars or large covered garages. The reason they don’t come with it is because of the weather (if you haven’t noticed). So the only viable option is to either chuck all the junk from one chosen room.

(Please note: Real men keep their teddy bears. If you can’t keep your bear friends growing up, what’s the point of keeping anything?)

Gen-Y spends less time in front of their television; they are more likely to get newsfeed updates through news online, or most popular – Facebook.

As most Gen-Yers own a smartphone, they are connected to all kinds of information wherever they are. From natural disasters to fashion trends and entertainment news, they are always the first to know, always being one step ahead of us.



Your man-cave needs air. Why? Because men smell. Especially after they have been in the same room for more than six hours. No man could ever “sniff” himself. Note that you may occasionally bring chicks back too!



Office, AV entertainment, muscle machines… Dude, you only live once. Put everything you like inside (except porn; that’s not cool and besides, someone else always finds it when you’re not around)



Flee markets are not just for the girls. Look out for those old Americana Coca-Cola Tin Plate art, the China Kapok guitar you first started learning from, the old wooden dad’s badminton racket.