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Gadgets for Office Productivity

Gadgets for Office Productivity
Mar 10, 2016
7:14 pm

#1  Zuta Labs Pocket Printer (estimated release @ RM999)


  • Need something printed urgently for your client? Just drop your Zuta on any blank paper & it will get to work
by itself (like the Home iVacuum robot). It can print continuously
for 1 hour… enough for your Million-Ringgit proposal.


#2  Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive


  • Ever take that Photo of your Competitors Event with your smartphone 
(and it’s MANY PHOTOS) and you need to transfer real fast to your Powerpoint?
The dual USB drive is impossible to live without; for those whose work 
crosses from the mobile to the workstation. How about that Company Profile
Powerpoint that you want to share over Coffee? Just bring your mobile
& the Dual USB to the meeting. No need to lug that Laptop.


#3  S1 360° Swivel Mount – MicroSuction Phone Dock


  • NO Tools, NO Clamps, NO adhesives. If you’ve had your fill of plasticky/low-grade phone or table holders, the S1 is definitely a better investment. The swivel is powered by Nanotechnology (that’s right), millions of microscopic suction cups that provide vacuum like grip for your phone to any flat, smooth and non-porous surface. Imagine a magnet like attraction to anything flat, without the need for it to be metal. The S1 is also compact in size that it fits neatly in all the small spaces on your desk or table top. So just press down to stick, and lift to go!

#4  The Slade – Smart Drawing Pad


  • A Ring and a Pad. Slide the Ring over any Pen or Pencil; place your favourite 
paper / Diary / Napkin over the Slate. Whatever you sketch on paper
will now be IMMEDIATELY digitised as an image which you can share
on WhatsApp or Social Media.  FOR THOSE WHO LOVE PAPER & PEN.

#5  The Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard


  • Now here’s something I wish I had whilst writing this entire out (or writing anything for that matter). On the subject of contemporary, this wireless keyboard allows you to channel the inner late 19th century writer in you, inspired by the original typewriters. Made of aluminium, the Qwerky perfectly blends traditional style with modern functionality. There is even a tabled stand that can hold any device up to 5/8 inches thick. Weighing under 3 pounds, the Qwerky also sports an in-built rechargeable battery that lasts for three months at full charge.