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Eight Siblings Lose Parents To Covid Within Three Days

Eldest child seeks help for the family’s continuity.


by PriyahtarshniV|

Social Justice

Eldest child seeks help for the family’s continuity.

19-year-old polytechnic student, Nazurah Nabilah Yajeed along with her 7 siblings, recently lost both their parents to Covid-19.

The aggravated situation of Covid-19 in our country is sweeping lives away. Daily death count is even intimidating.

According to Nazurah, her late parents used to sell banana fritters to support the family. She claimed that her father passed away on 16 July, followed by her mother on July 18, Sunday.

Nazurah explained that at first, her mother was tested positive for Covid-19 and had went to MAEPS Covid-19 quarantine centre and on June 21, she faced breathing complications, then was admitted into the intensive care unit (ICU). Nazurah’s mother was said to be unconscious until her last breath.

The teen further briefed that her father had close contact with his wife, Nazurah’s mother. However, Nazurah could not remember the exact date her father was tested positive for Covid-19 but also had breathing difficulties like his wife. He was sent to the hospital on June 30 for further treatment.

Based on reports by Malaysiakini, Nazurah stated that her father was also put in the ICU and did not gain consciousness up to his last breath.

Currently, Nazurah and her siblings are at her aunt’s house in Bukit Beruntung, Rawang, Selangor. Her aunt is now jobless as she was once tested positive for Covid-19.

Nazurah exclaimed that despite all the tragic happenings, she would move on with the next as she is now fully responsible for her seven siblings. Nazurah’s siblings are aged between 18 to four years old. All of them are currently studying expect the youngest one and Nazurah stated that their educational expenses need to be covered.

She also added that she received financial and food aid from neighbours and strangers but welcomes more support to help her family stand up strong again.

Those who are interested to lend a hand to Nazurah, you may reach her out via [email protected].

Credits to MalaysiaKini for the cover image. 

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