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I Quit! A Never-Ending Plight For Malaysian Contract Doctors

Contract doctors call it off due to extreme burn out and unclear career prospect.


by PriyahtarshniV|

Social Justice

Contract doctors call it off due to extreme burn out and unclear career prospect.

The Hartal Doktor Kontrak is once again the talk of town as contract doctors are resigning from their jobs permanently with 24-hour notices. It is highlighted that they seem to be burnt out due to the sharp spike in the daily count of Covid-19 cases and negligence of government to offer them a permanent job placement. 

Recently, the emergence of a social media campaign called Hartal Doktor Kontrak significantly advocates the rights of contract doctors in Malaysia. The campaign also brought the plight of the undervalued contract doctors, to light. It has now opted to go on a strike on July 26 in accordance with no actions from the government.

According to sources, a Grade UD41 contract doctor from the emergency and trauma department of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) had submitted her 24-hour resignation notice. This was due to her current position as mere contract doctor, not offered a permanent job, unqualified to pursue Masters and an unclear future.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Similar incidents took place at several other medical premises which results in fear among the netizens as nation is now in need of dedicated healthcare workers.

Previously, in a viral video of frontliners revealing the dark truth of Malaysian healthcare system, one of the medical personnel quoted that contract doctors are the foot soldiers of the war, referring to the current Covid-19 massacre in our country. The 15-minute video had garnered over 600,000 views to date. 


Malaysia once known for its efficiency in handling Covid-19, now being recognized for its failures. Is this who we are? Is this what we deserve? We are sitting at home yet we see cases exceeding 10,000 everyday. Frontliners are burnt out, people are raising white flags as a sign of defeat, mental health of public are being severely affected. What else the people has to endure? Pathetically, here we are only questioning but not getting any answers. 


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