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Apple Announces Spring Loaded Event For 20th April

The event was accidentally leaked by Siri hours before the initial announcement. But looks like Apple has been busy with their R&D department.

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The event was accidentally leaked by Siri hours before the initial announcement. But looks like Apple has been busy with their R&D department.

It’s that time of the year again as Apple sets to unveil a new product in the market.

The company announced that their Spring unveiling event will happen on the 20th of April 2021 as they teased the upcoming event with a “Spring loaded” tagline.

There isn’t much information given from the announcement but judging by the squiggly lines in the video, it does hint at a potential new Apple stylus.


Ironically, the event was officially announced hours after Siri had accidentally leaked out the event when rumours were going around as people started asking “When is the next Apple event?”


The Verge has reported that the event does favour towards the new iPad Pros. The new device will come in 11- and 12.9-inch models and a larger version will reportedly be Apple’s first mini-LED display.

Aside from that, minor improvements will be a faster processor (Apple’s M1 chips) which can be found in the recent Macs. The iPad will come with USB-C ports and a better camera too. A new iPad mini with an 8.5- to 9-inch screen is also reportedly coming.

When will the iPhone come with Type C ports…?

One thing to note is that although the iPads will be new, it will have a similar design to the 2020 iPad models.

Image via Apple


For those who are looking to get new editing computers, Apple is also planning a revamp of their iMac line-ups this year which will feature it’s own Apple Silicon processors. The new iMac’s will feature slimmer bezels and resembles the Pro Display XDR as they have stopped selling their current iMac Pro models.

Image via Apple


Do note that in the above image showing the Apple Pro Display XDR, it’s listed at RM19,000 for the standard glass and at RM25,999 for the Nano-texture glass.

Your bank be like...


Although this is only a rumour, but the new MacBook Pros and MacBook Air’s are rumoured to have the return of the MagSafe charging and SD card slots. The MacBook Pro will also allegedly ditch the touch bar.

Omg finally, the SD card slot. Something we editors find VERY helpful.

Image via Mac Rumours


Bloomberg reported that a new version of the AirPods will be coming as early as 2021 with elements of the AirPods Pro alongside earbuds without the signature stem look.

Image via Apps To Follow


Lastly, there is a likely upgrade to Apple TV for 2021 as reported by Bloomberg and it will have 120hz support.

Looks like Apple has been busy in their R&D department, but the million dollars still stands on how much will their new products cost?

Regardless, I think if you’re invest into the brand, you’ll likely buy it anyways.



Are you looking forward for any of their new products? Let us know in the comments!



Credits to Bloomberg and The Verge for the resources.

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