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Cold Water- Major Lazer

Cold Water- Major Lazer
Jul 28, 2016
6:30 pm


The Life Line of Your Summer Playlist  



Remember that other hit Diplo song featuring Bieber from a year ago that you can't get out of your head? (if you haven't heard it honestly, where are you now?). Well bring back 2/3 of that mix and add in another singer and two other amazing record producers and what do you get? The latest summer hit!

Electropop have been pushing the music scene forward with it's catchy lyrics and it's infectious beat, this is the kind of music that get's you moving. Cold Water does just that, electronic beats bring life to the song and Bieber's voice carrying the lyrics effortlessly, no wonder this song already sky rocketed to number 1 on Spotify.  MØ adds that extra unexpected 'umph' to the song. and basically is the perfect bow to tie the song together.  

Personally, I find electropop songs with proper full on lyrics as the best kind of songs (especially when they were co-written with Ed Sheeran!). Who doesn't love dancing like crazy and singing their heads off to a bomb ass beat? This is definitely a new one to add into your 'partying in the car playlist' (if you don't have one you are missing out tongue-out) . 

Check out the song down below: