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TRENDING TV SHOWS (or should we say, streaming? LOL)

TRENDING TV SHOWS (or should we say, streaming? LOL)
Jun 14, 2016
1:42 pm
1. The Night Manager (miniseries)

This is the show that fueled Tom Hiddleston fans to get him to play the next Bond. He plays an intel operative who is must infiltrate the inner circle of a weapons dealer (portrayed by Hugh Laurie of House fame). How awesome it is to House & Loki together in ONE show? And Laurie plays one heck of a convinving villain .


2. Game of Thrones (miniseries)

Once again, it’s in our trending list. #WinterIsComing indeed! We heard its plot this season isn’t found in the books, so we’re all tensed up, wondering “Who’s going to dieee?!?!?” this season, and praying it won’t be Jon Snow. Well, when we saw that YouTube video of his interview with Jimmy Fallon, we’re relieved to hear that it’s not gonna happen! Praise the heavens!


3. Bates Motel (TV series)

Remember that kid from the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory film? Well, don’t worry, he’s doing great as the young version of Norman Bates aka that Psycho murderer. He’s received great praises together with Vera Farmiga (as his mother, not the “Mother”). For those who have not heard of this series, we witness how young Norman developed his… well, watch it to find out (;


4. Entertainer (TV Series)

Yes, we’re roping in series from Asia, especially from South Korea! 8D So a handsome company director decides to open his own company and obviously meets countless obstacles BUT discovers a talented and handsome high-schooler who has a crime record but is promised to shine in the entertainment industry. Yeah, this whole plot shouts Korean drama that you simply can’t miss!


5. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series)

A new member of the DC family (though Gotham’s on FOX, ha ha), it’s a spin-off from Arrow and The Flash, featuring some White Canary and awesome villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave of Arrow. Though hardly any appearances of Arrow or The Flash since episode 1, this show can carry on its own, but here’s to stronger storylines in the next season!


6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV Series)

This is one character many young women could easily relate to! Meet Rebecca Bunch, a pretty good New York lawyer. But when she bumps into her first love who’s moving to LA, she decides to follow him to LA hoping to reconcile with him! She goes through dilemmas any twenty somethings would go through in their life, but the most entertaining thing about this series is their musical numbers! I have to admit, they are quite catchy (if Rotten Tomatoes 96% review doesn’t convince you, nothing will).


So what else do you think are popular shows trending right now? Share your thoughts!