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On the Street Scene in Malaysia

On the Street Scene in Malaysia
Jun 10, 2016
2:31 pm

Latest YouTube:

Yuna - Crush

She’s cool, she’s singing with Usher, and she’s our very own Malaysian artist! Small wonder really, that one of her latest singles now broke over 5.5 million views.


Jinnyboy – The Girl That Changed Me

One of their best works yet. And it touches on a subject that all of us can relate to –trying to get the person we like, to like us back.


‘Monster’ alligator filmed ambling around Florida gold course.

Another of those ‘bizarre’ things that we like to casually share and comment about. So if you haven’t already seen this video, do it! And let us know if you think it’s real of fake.


Cafés / Restaurants

Restoran I-Po


Roasted duck! Traditionally prepared! In Klang! Run by a 2nd generation pair of husband and wife, their authentic oven-fire roasted style is getting headlines all-over.


Heli Lounge Bar KL

Chilling out on a Heli-Pad. Yep, so if you aren’t afraid of heights (just stay within the lines!) it’s one hell of an experience.


La Famiglia Food Truck

One of the more affordable food trucks out there, with a humble menu catering to a family-oriented setting.


Social Quirks

Korean Hand Gesture

Welp, what the Koreans do, it seems Malaysians are very quick to catch on. If you haven’t already seen this one, it looks like this:


Korean Expressions – (Annyeong, Ani, Aso)

Pretty much still on going, with new phrases getting added in. Makes me question, if my peers are slowly becoming Korean citizens. GG.




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